Adding Matching Questions to an Exam

Matching questions check student comprehension of the material by requiring them to match two statements.

Advantages of using Matching questions in Moodle

  • Automatic Correction
  • Possible to randomize questions

  1. Enter the course site
  2. Click Edit

  3. Select the teaching unit where the exam is located
  4. Click on “Edit Quiz” and “Add”

    The first time you add questions, this screen will appear:

    After you have added a question and want to access the exam to add additional questions, the following screen appears:

    Click the gear and select “Edit quiz.”

  5. To make copying difficult, select the option “Shuffle.”

  6. There are three options for adding a question:

    To add questions from the “question bank” or “random questions from a category” see:  Question Bank.

    Add a new question directly to the exam:

  7. Click on “New Question”
  8. Select the type of question: “Matching” and click “Add.”

  9. Select a Category
    IMPORTANT: If a category is not chosen you will not be able to reuse the question in another exam or course.

  10. Fill in the question name (write a name related to the content of the question and not just a number), Question Text, Default Mark and General Feedback.

  1. Answers: Available choices.
    There must be at least two questions and at least one additional answer.
  • “Question” is one side of the paired match.
  • “Answer” is the other side of the paired match.
  • When you have finished with the matching pairs, enter an additional “answer,” leave the “question” section blank.

  1. Optional: “Combined feedback” for the correct response or for partially correct responses and incorrect responses.
  2. Optional: Multiple tries: Provides hints and penalties for each response.

    An example of matching question

  3. Save the question

    ** If you have selected a category the question will automatically be saved in the “question bank” and available for re-use. **

Adding Matching Questions to an Exam

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