Interactive video

Interactive video

  • A tool that allows students to interact with content while watching a video (YouTube or University hosted).

    • The student can stop and see the video several times until he understands the material.
    • The instructor can present content before the lesson, thus allowing lesson time (face-to-face) to answer clarification questions about the content and the implementation of the information.
    • Instructors can track student interactive with the video.

    ** The video cannot be downloaded through this component  **

Add exams – (the student’s activity is calculated as part of the score)

** Do not upload video directly to Moodle. The video must be sent to the Computerized Instruction Unit through the form: Request to Upload a Video to Moodle.

** Do not upload video directly to Moodle. The video must be sent to the Unit for Online Learning through the form:  Request to Upload a Video to Moodle.

  1. Enter the course site
  2. Click Edit

  3. Click “Add an activity or resources.”
  4. Click H5P Interactive Content
  5. Select “Interactive Video”

  6. To add a video Click the “+”

  7. Paste the video link
    (from YouTube or the university hosted link).

  8. Click Add Interactions

Possible interactions:

    • Link — you can lead a student to a specific article or text to read or take an external action. Be sure to tell them to return to the video for the rest of the lecture.
    • Single Choice Set – Test question with one correct answer
    • Multiple Choice — Test question with more than one correct answer
    • True/False Question
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Drag Text
    • Label
    • Text
    • Table
    • Picture
    • Navigation Hotspot

** All types of questions can be adaptively configured so that a correct response may cause the user to skip to a specified place in the video while an incorrect answer may take the user elsewhere in the video.

** You can also add bookmarks so that users can jump to the sections specified in the video on demand.

  1. Choose a place/time to add the interaction

  2. Select the Interaction

  3. Choose “Display as Poster”

  4. Create the interaction — such as questions and answers

** The first  answer (Alternative) is the correct answer


  1. Click Add Answer to add more replies
  2. Additional questions can be added to the same location by choosing Add Question

  1. It is possible to give the student multiples tries and to show the solution

  1. Select “Done”

  1. To prevent the video from being downloaded, Secure the video so it can’t be downloaded by un-checking “Display action bar and frame.”

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