H5P Interactive Content

רכיב אינטראקטיבי - H5P

  • H5P enables the creation of interactive content. From within this option choose the type of content to add.
  • Interactive content promotes active learning.
  • Active learning that encourages students to implement content.
  • Students will actively assimilate the study material.
  • Encourages student involvement in the learning process.

Formative Assessment – Evaluate learners using:

  • Integrated video with quizzes/polls
  • Actions that require dragging concepts to the right place.
  • An interactive exercise book that combines textual content with multi-media and exercises.
  • Have students submit audio files with the Voice recorder.

The exercise results are automatically added into the grade book.

Each H5P element generates  a report with user records, scores of all response attempts, submitted replies, start and end time of each response attempt.

  1. Enter the course site
  2. Click Edit

  3. Click “Add an activity or resources.”
  4. Click H5P Interactive Content

  5. Choose the element to add:

    ** The picture does not show all of the available elements **

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