Add a Question to the Question Bank

Add a Question to the Question Bank

  • Allows the lecturer to create questions, classify them and use them in exams.
  • Use categories to organize the questions and easily enter them into exams.
  • Question bank enables adding randomized questions into exams.
  • Question bank stores the questions and allows for re-use in different courses.

Tip: It is advisable to organize the categories according to topic and type of question, to easily find relevant questions.

You can also create subcategories.

  1. Enter the course
  2. Click on the gear

  3. Click on “Question Bank”

  4. Select “Categories”

  5. On the Add Category page, enter the details, and click “Add Category”:

  6. Repeat the steps to add additional categories.
  1. Enter the course
  2. Click on the gear

  3. Select the “Questions” tab.
  4. Choose the category that the question belongs.

  5. Click on “Create New Question.”

  6. Choose the type of question to add.
    (Moodle offers several question types)

  7. Click on “Add.”
    Tip: In the Question Name field add a description to help you identify the question.
  8. Enter the question text.
  9. Enter the number points the question is worth.
  10. Designate the correct answer.

  11. Save the question.
  12. The question will appear in the Question Bank

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